What is a Ruby?

What is a ruby?


What is a Ruby, why are they rare? ruby symbolism? What are ruby treatments? The gem we call Ruby is colored corundum that can be found in various shades of red. Rubies are considered one of the big three colored precious gems, the other two being emeralds and sapphires.

Rubies and sapphires are made out of the same material, All sapphires are made of corundum but are every color except red. All red corundum is considered to be ruby. There are some exceptions with “Pink Sapphires” which are rubies/sapphires that look more light pink than red. Although this is a hotly debated topic with no concise agreement.

What is a Ruby?

Why are they rare?

Why are rubies rare? Corundum won’t develop in just any igneous rock. In particular, the mixture of elements has to be rich in aluminum but without silicon, which is one of the more common elements in the crust of planet earth.

Now, in order for gem-quality rubies to form, the mix must also contain a special, rare trace element: chromium. Chromium is largely responsible for the red color in most rubies. Because of the chromium, the stone absorbs light from the yellow and green wavelengths. This makes the stone appear red.

Gem Stone Treatments?

What are ruby treatments? Like most gemstones, the majority of rubies receive some type of treat. One of the most common rubies is heat treatment. Fracture filling is another treatment for often lower-quality gems. There are a wide variety of options when it comes to what can be used to fracture fill the gem. Sometimes lead glass will be used which does improve the color of the stone. This is often don’t too severely fractured gems. Lead glass can make gems weigh more so never pay too much for stones with this type of treatment.


Ruby symbolism, Human beings have always connected the red of rubies to blood. This caused rubies to be connected to soldiers in multiple different cultures. It was also believed holding or wearing one could be a cure for bleeding and inflammation. Other cultures had varying superstitions if someone were to dream of rubies.

Collecting Gems

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