What is a Sapphire?


What is a sapphire? Have you thought about collecting sapphires? what makes a sapphire rare? What are the different sapphire origins? The varying sapphire symbolism? Sapphire treatments? It can be a lot when your first start collecting gems. Sapphires are precious gems that you can find in all colors except red. There are exceptions with pink sapphires but there is no real industry standard to say which one is which besides the lightness of the color.

When people talk about sapphires, they will most likely be talking about the blue variant. The name of color variants of corundum other than blue or red is “fancy sapphire.” The only color you cannot get them in is red. All variants that come in red are considered Rubies, and this is because all red corundum are considered rubies.

yellow sapphire
Yellow Sapphire – Cushion Cut

What Makes Them Rare?

Blue sapphires, on the other hand, thrive on iron. The duo of iron and titanium in corundum results in the blues that people fall in love with. These elements are more likely to occur in nature than the combination needed for rubies requires. Thus, blue variants of corundum are more common than the red of rubies. Sapphires still require the area to be void of silicon to form which is one of the most common minerals in the ground.

Sapphire Origins

There are many places that produce various colors, while some are high-quality others have only low-quality gems. This makes origin play an important role in determining the value of your precious gem. Notable sources include Tanzania, Thailand, Cambodia, Madagascar, Mozambique, Colombia, Australia, Montana as well as many other smaller sources.


The gem industry has and needs many accepted treatment practices for different gems. There are various types of treatments, the most common and accepted sapphire treatment would be heat treatment. This is done to improve the color of the gemstone.

Heat treatment often doesn’t significantly affect the price of the gem, especially when compared to other forms of treatment, which can drastically affect the price. We will be writing more in-depth descriptions of different gemstone treatments in our “Gem Collecting Blog.”


Sapphire symbolism has always been a part of the gem experience. People connected blue sapphires to the plan, Venus. They have been known to represent Frida. In many cultures, Friday is the day dedicated to Venus. In the past, people also believed they were an antidote to poison. Supposedly, the stone also increased the wearer’s overall strength, and health, and would ward off illnesses and nullify poisons.

Collecting Gems

Collecting gems like coins can be an amazing hobby. Many people like to buy and collect beautiful loose gems without putting them into jewelry. Instead, they use some type of display case to keep track of their collection. Below is a link to our online store where we post the various loose gems we have for sale.


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