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Royal Canadian Mint

Canada’s Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint, also known as Canada’s Mint is known worldwide for producing some of the finest coins. Royal Canadian Mint history is an important part of Canada’s history. Founded in 1908, the Royal Canadian Mint has been a beacon of quality.

In 1979 The Mint began producing its own bullion for Canada. It first started with the Gold Maple. The gold maple came in 1 Troy ounce 0.999 fine gold. Over the years the mint has increased the purity of its gold by first starting with 0.999, then 0.9999, and finally 0.99999 purity. Bullion that is produced by the mint is known for both its purity and design. A newly minted maple’s luster and weight are enough to make someone who has never held silver or gold fall in love with the precious metals.

Royal Canadian Mint Coins

In November 1960 the Winnipeg Mint opened its doors. This facility was opened in order to meet the growing demand. The Ottawa mint had reached maxed capacity and couldn’t produce enough coins annually. Many of the smaller Canadian coins at the time such as the 10 cents were being minted at the Philadelphia branch of the American Mint.

The Winnipeg facility currently produces all of Canada’s coins for day-to-day circulation. This allows the Ottawa facility to focus on producing their annual and new/themed numismatic coin collections.

Since the opening of the Winnipeg facility, the Mint has also produced coins for over 70 different countries. Some of the countries include Singapore, Brazil, Yemen, Iceland, Australia, Cuba, and many more.


The Silver Maple

The Canadian Silver Maple was first minted in 1988 by the Royal Canadian Mint. The Maple is considered to be one of the most recognizable silver bullion coins. It is on par with its American counterpart, the “American Silver Eagle”, even though many Americans would disagree.

The Mint produces both a silver and gold version of the maple. You can also purchase the gold version in fractional amounts such as 1/20th, 1/10th, 1/4th, and 1/2 fine 0.9999 gold.

Both the silver and gold maples are considered to be legal tender in Canada. Silver maples have a monetary value of 5$. The gold version has a value of 50$. The Silver Maple has a .9999 level of purity, Having the 4th .0009 of purity makes the maple one of the finest silver coins in the World. 

The silver maple
1 troy ounce of 0.9999% Fine Silver – Canadian Silver Maple

Numismatic Coin Series From The Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint produces some of the highest quality gold & silver as well as nonprecious metal coins. They have both a selection of annual series that are collectible as well as stand-alone pieces. Many of the designs can be quite artistic and do not fit the typical shape of a coin.

One example of an annual series is the “Moments to Hold” annual series. Each coin is a 1/4 silver coin with a 5$ monetary value. Every year has somewhere between 4 to 6 coins. Each coin has a design representing important moments in Canada’s history or the Canadian environment.

One advantage of the gold and silver products from the royal Canada mint is they typically have much lower mintages when compared to the nonprecious metal products.

While they do end up costing more, we think it’s better for coins to contain some gold or silver rather than non. This way you can always go and sell your coin for the spot melt price as a bare minimum. When you buy a gold and silver coin you always know there’s a place you can sell although you might not get the numismatic value of the coin.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police 1/4 Troy ounce fine 0.9999

Where They Fit Into Your Collection

whether you buy bullion or numismatic coins, there is a place for them in your collection. A lot of people would disagree with us because of how much you pay per coin. A coin collection in many ways is similar to an investment portfolio. Diversifying the type of coins you hold can increase the value of your overall collection. Cost averaging is key to adding royal Canadian mint coins into your collection or precious metal stack affordably.

Coins For Sale

Cost Averaging

While the Canadian Mint produces beautiful many of them can be sold for 4x – 5x more than the melt spot price. Many 1-ounce silver coins can be sold for 99$+. Cost averaging makes these coins more affordable over the long term. Silver Maples, you can usually buy for a little over the spot price. Both a Silver Maple and Numismatic Silver coins from the Mint come in 1 Troy ounce. If one coin costs 99$ and the other 40$ by adding then dividing by 2 you get 69.50$. Your numismatic coins you can hold for 100 years, then you can buy and sell your bullion on a need-be basis. The more you cost average now the greater potential for profit you have down the road.

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