Queen Elizabeth: Britain’s Longest Reigning Monarch

Queen Elizabeth


This article will focus on the life of Queen Elizabeth. The Queen is the second longest-reigning monarch in history. Queen Elizabeth’s life and reign span some of the most exciting times of the 20th and 21st centuries. She has been the Queen of England since her coronation on June 2, 1953. Throughout the decades, steadfastly by her side was The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, her husband.

Early Life

Queen Elizabeth was born to the future King George VI and his wife, the Duchess of York, on the 21st of April, 1926. She was said to have an heir of authority even from a young age. Winston Churchill even commented that Queen Elizabeth was “a character.” Her parents would only go on to give Elizabeth one sister in the year 1930. We know her as Princess Margaret.

Elizabeth and Margaret were educated at home by their mother and a Scottish educator, named Marion Crawford. She would later write a Biography of that time, which the Royal Family was not too happy about.

During the reign of Elizabeth’s grandfather. Elizabeth was considered third in line to the throne. Eventually, Elizabeth’s father, who we know as George VI, would become king, leading to Elizabeth’s ascension to the throne.


Queen of England

Elizabeth’s father’s health began to decline in 1951. By early 1952, King George VI had passed away. Her husband, Prince Philip, was the one who broke the news to her. Afterwards, Princess Elizabeth’s ascension to the throne was immediate. She decided to keep her name Elizabeth, leading to her being known as Queen Elizabeth the 2nd.

Throughout her reign, Britain’s power and influence continually weakened. This has nothing to do with the Queen but more so a result of the decision of past leaders combined with poor choices on the part of the current governments. Lord Mountbatten and the Suez Canal Crisis is just one example.

Decision and Character

Like any Royal Family, The Queen experienced her fair share of family scandals that had to be dealt with delicately. As a leader though, Queen Elizabeth always maintained her education and strived to become more knowledgeable in the areas she considered herself lacking. This trait is admirable in any leader, but not so many mastered it the way the Britain’s longest reigning Monarch has.

The Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh was the Husband of Queen Elizabeth. They were married on the 20th of November, 1947. Before their wedding, Philip had rescinded all of his Greek and Danish titles. He went as far as converting from Greek Orthodox to Anglican.

At one point, he insisted on learning how to fly. He ended up doing so and it became a favorite pass time for Prince Philip. Many, however, did not like this plan, including Winston Churchill.

Throughout his life, Prince Philip was a staunch supporter of the Queen. The Duke of Edinburgh Passed away on April 9th, 2021. The Queen was said to be by his side as he passed away, just as he had been by her throughout her life.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip
Queen Elizabeth with her husband The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip

The Monarchies Future?

The Queen tested positive for Covid in late February 2022. Joining the millions of people worldwide who experienced covid and managed to recover. However, In recent months (July 2022), the queen’s health began to deteriorate. People have had growing concerns about the future of the queen. After so many decades of service to her country, she deserves some time to rest. Queen Elizabeth has been in power for 70+ years. Which makes her officially Britain’s longest-reigning Monarch

Many people throughout the Commonwealth find themselves asking what the purpose of a Queen of England and a Monarchy that is not in their own country.

There are many people though that remain loyal and interested in the concept of having a Queen or King. Only time will tell if the Monarchy will remain relevant.


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Queen of england, Queen Elizabeth, longest reigning monarch
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