Shipping/Return Policy Page

We ship to most of North America and World Wide. If we don’t offer a shipping option feel free to contact us and well see if we can accommodate you.

Flat Rate Shipping of 19.99$CAD Canada/USA

Flat Rate Shipping of 39.99$CAD Worldwide

Free Shipping WorldWide when you spend 1000$+ CAD


If you receive your order and would like a refund, it is up to the customer to pay for the return shipping. Any refunds cannot be given until we receive your products. In some instances, we may request photos of the products before shipping them.

In instances that were purchased with BTC (Bitcoin) or LTC (Litecoin), we are unable to payout in crypto and can only be returned by cash through Paypal. You will receive the equal cash amount of the order, not the equivalent amount of BTC or LTC

“Contact Us”

Disclaimer: All of our gems and some of our coins come with some type of paperwork. While we do accept returns for our gemstones and coins. We require all paperwork that came with the gem to be returned with it. In cases where we don’t receive paperwork or paperwork is damaged we reserve the right to not initiate a refund since we would be unable to sell the gem or coin again without the proper paperwork accompanying them.

Delayed Orders

We always use the fastest shipping options available to us. In the case you don’t receive your order, please allow up to 2 weeks after receiving the notification your package has shipped before contacting us. Covid has made it difficult to predict shipping delays.

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