About The Store

East Liberty Coins & Gems is an online precious metal, coin, and gem dealer. We carry Bullion, Numismatics coins, Ancient coins, and Precious gems (Emeralds, Rubies, and Sapphires). For numismatic coins, we specialize in carrying Canadian, Eastern European, Middle East, and Ancient Coins.

We pay to have two trees planted for every order we complete. We plant in multiple reforestation projects with a focus on places where Gold, Silver, and Gems are mined as a way to give back to those communities. Our website is also Co2 Neutral by having trees planted to offset the energy used by our website.

All orders ship directly from Halifax NovaScotia, Canada.

If you would like to contact us you can use the contact form on our “Contact Us” page, our social media, or feel free to send us an email:


Disclaimer: All of our gems come with some type of paperwork. While we do accept returns for our gemstones and coins. We require all paperwork (identifying paperwork) that comes with the gem/coin to be returned with it. In cases where we don’t receive paperwork or the paperwork is damaged we reserve the right to not initiate a refund since we would be unable to sell the stone again without the proper paperwork accompanying the gem.

Our Point System

When you register for an account you’re able to save money on all future orders. Everything on our site rewards points at a ratio of 1.00$CAD spent = 1 Point, and 100 points are equal to 2.00$ Cad off of your next order(you can also save your points). Our Live gem auctions do not show the number of points awarded because that is based on the final auction price.

Our Blog

We operate a blog as another revenue stream to help grow our business and pay expenses. The blog covers multiple categories/topics related to gold, silver, coins, gems, and history. Links to our various blog posts can be found in most of our product descriptions that are related to the product.

NGC Member (Numismatic Guarantee Company)

Because of the types of coins we sell, we occasionally grade coins from our store. Since NGC can meet our needs for all of our coins including ancients we decided to become a member of the NGC coin grading service.

NGC Coin Grading (opens in new tab)

International Gem Society

We also are a member of the international gem society. We use many of their educational and business-related resources to help us further develop the gem category of our business.

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