The Qirsh: Ottoman Coinage

Introduction This article looks at the Silver Qirsh used during the Ottoman rule of Egypt. . As well as a brief history of the Ottoman Eyalet of Egypt, the British protectorate, and how the coin influenced the name of Egypt’s current currency. The qirsh was a vital coin, alongside many other Ottoman coins used inContinue reading “The Qirsh: Ottoman Coinage”

Canadian 50 Cent: Mintage

(Disclaimer) The following amounts show the recorded number of Canadian 50 cent coins minted each year by the Royal Canadian Mint.Bear in mind though that it does NOT show the actual number of surviving coins. Percentage of Silver in the Canadian 50 cents 1908 – 1919Composition: 92.5% silver, 7.5% copperWeight (g): 11.62Diameter (mm): 29.72Thickness (mm):Continue reading “Canadian 50 Cent: Mintage”