Citrine: Gemstone Basics

Introduction This article will cover various aspects of Citrines. Including Citrine Treatments, Symbolism, What are Citrines? Origins and Color. Humans have loved citrines throughout history. Also known as the November birthstone, it is considered one of the most popular types of gems to collect. What are Citrines? Citrines are one of the many variations ofContinue reading “Citrine: Gemstone Basics”

Fancy Sapphires: Gem Collecting

Fancy Sapphires Fancy sapphires are a wonderful gemstone to collect. The many benefits of collecting Fancy Sapphires such as the price, wide selection of color, and the different types of gemstone cuts make the different collection possibilities endless. One Advantage of collecting nonblue sapphires is the price per carat. Fancy Sapphires like any gem areContinue reading “Fancy Sapphires: Gem Collecting”

Gem Stone Cuts & Clarity Scale

Gem Stone Cuts Examples of Gem Stone Cuts with Sapphires Collecting 1 of each kind of gemstone cut is a great place to start your collection. Once you have 1 of each, you can work on buying better and better quality gems to replace the various cuts in your collection. People also collect all theContinue reading “Gem Stone Cuts & Clarity Scale”