Austrian Philharmonic: Bullion

Introduction This article talks about the Austrian philharmonic coin, history, the design, and where is the Austrian philharmonic minted? The Austrian Philharmonic is one of the most recognizable bullion coins in the world. Austrian silver and gold bullion is collected and loved by many throughout the world. As a shorthand, the name is often shortenedContinue reading “Austrian Philharmonic: Bullion”

What is Junk Silver?

Introduction Junk silver despite the name is a great buy, Americans might know junk silver by the name “constitutional silver”. Junk silver is coins minted by a sovereign state or mint which contain a certain amount of silver per coin. The coins must also contain a purity percentage lower than the countries percent used toContinue reading “What is Junk Silver?”

Is Silver a Good Investment?

Disclaimer: (This information is not meant to be used/taken as investment advice and we are not investment professionals this is just a starting place for your own research to begin to find out if silver is right for you) Introduction Gold is the precious metal that usually gets all of the praise, attention, and hypeContinue reading “Is Silver a Good Investment?”

What is the “Personal Gold Standard”?

Gold Standard? What is the personal gold standard? what is the gold standard? when someone buys gold and/or silver and personally stores it, that is a personal gold standard. Currently, no country backs their currency with gold, even though you have countries like Russia who have been amassing gold aggressively for the past few years.Continue reading “What is the “Personal Gold Standard”?”

Why do gold and silver protect against inflation?

Introduction Gold and silver are one of the simplest investments, Austrian economist Carl Menger points out in his book origins of money. “precious metals have had an impeccable 5000 years of stability, development, innovation and use as a medium of exchange between people”. Precious metals have lasted as a medium exchange for most of theContinue reading “Why do gold and silver protect against inflation?”